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Here’s what mortgage brokers are saying about Lenderlink

It is a long while since I have seen a system that grabbed my attention like this one. There is literally nothing like it out there and it is head and shoulders above others I have seen. Lenderlink is just what the industry needs, and I can’t wait to get started.

Andy Pelley, Director at The Loan Company

We love the look and feel of Lenderlink. It does exactly what we hoped it would do, but that is no surprise really, considering the system was developed by a packager for use by packagers.

Allistair Ewing, Director at The Lending Channel

Find detailed quotes from a large range of specialist first charge, second charge and BTL mortgages as well as bridging lenders.

Create full applications, then refer them to us for packaging and share the commission, or send them to lenders direct via API (you will need the necessary agencies in place).

Screen Shot of the Lenderlink interface

Industry standard API’s designed, built and used by SMG brokerages

Get detailed quotes from 38 lenders, with API links into 11 lenders

Fill out one universal application form and send to any specialist lender

Free integrated CRM available early 2019

Theres no limit on users, add as many as you like

Access to all SMG mortgage products in one place.

Submit applications via your lender or refer to us for packaging

Optimised to run on browsers, smart phones and tablet devices


Why is it free?

It’s free because we are committed to the specialist mortgage industry and we want everyone within it to thrive.

There’s no charge to sign up to Lenderlink and there are no on-going monthly fees. You get to source a full range of specialist mortgages in an instant and we earn revenue from packaging referred applications.

Everyone’s a winner.

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